50uL Flilter tip

This type of 50ul filter tip is common fitness with many different pipettes, specifically as Eppendorf, Gilson, Biohit, Rainin and many others, for single channel and multi channel. manufactured of exclusive polypropylene(PP), It’s low retention, micro point and graduated, make it possible for analyzer do the job quite easily.

50uL barrier tip

Currently, 2 kinds of package are available for selling:

  • BAGGED: Cat.# FTB50-10, bagged up filter tip, 1000tips/bag, 10bags/carton(1000 x 10/carton, 10,000tips/carton totally).
  • RACKED: Cat.# FTR50-96, racked filter tip, 96tips/rack, 10racks/unit, 5units/carton(96 x 10 x 5/carton, 4800tips/carton totally).

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