Autoclavable Sterile 200ul Pipette Tips

Color Nature (clear) / Yellow available

GenFollower has been in the pipette making business for over a decade. We serve clients from all over the world. We offer relatively cheaper but high-quality 200uL pipette tips that pass through rigorous quality standards. 

Technical Features:

  • Universally compatible design that can work with almost all leading pipette brands such as Gilson, PIPETMAN, and Eppendorf.
  • The ergonomic design of these pipette tips allows you to transfer samples precisely. 
  • Autoclavable at 121°C for 15 minutes.
  • They are completely free of RNase, DNase, human DNA, radioactive materials, and nonpyrogenic. 
  • Made using virgin polypropylene (PP) with excellent chemical resistance.
  • Low retention design that prevents sample holdup.
  • These yellow pipette tips have graduation and micro point,
  • Compatible with most multi-channel and single-channel pipettes.
200uL micropipette tip

Available Packaging:

  • BAGGED – Cat.# TB200-10, 1000tips/bag, 10bags/carton (1000 x 10/carton, total 10,000tips/carton).
  • RACKED – Cat.# TR200-96, 96tips/rack, 10racks/pack, 5packs/carton (96 x 10 x 5/carton, total 4800tips/carton).
  • REFILL SYSTEM – Cat.# RS200-96, 96tips/rack, 10racks/unit, 10units/carton (96 x 10 x 10/carton, total 9600tips/carton).

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