High-Performance Short 10μl Filter Tips

We call it short 10uL filter tip

We design high-performance 10μl filter pipette tips made from excellent-quality raw material and advanced manufacturing processes. These aerosol barrier pipette tips are compatible with almost all leading single and multi-channel pipettes.

Technical Features: 

  • Made from high-quality polypropylene (PP).
  • Completely free of detectable RNase, DNase, DNA, and pyrogens.
  • Low sample retention, resulting in high transfer efficiency. 
  • A micro point design to prevent contamination and aerosol buildup. 
  • Clear graduation for precise transfers.
10uL Barrier tip

Available Packaging:

BAGGED: Cat.# FTB10-10S – 1000 tips/bag, 10 bags/carton (1000 x 10/carton, total 10,000 tips/carton).

RACKED: Cat.# FTR10-96S – 96 tips/rack, 10 racks/pack, 5 packs/carton (96x10x5/carton, total 4,800 tips/carton).

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