• We visited partners in Indonesia.
  • We had dinner with partners.
  • We discussed the future of laboratory consumables with our partners.
  • We visited partners in the Philippines.
  • We had discussions with partners in the Philippines.
Last week, our one-week journey to Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines proved to be a remarkable journey. During this time, we engaged in extensive discussions and collaboration with Manila Healthtek Inc. (Genamplify Technology Inc.) and PT. Indolab Utama, where we explored a wide range of topics, from market trends to future strategies. These insightful exchanges not only enriched our understanding but also established a stronger sense of purpose. Importantly, their resounding support for our products further reinforced our commitment to delivering excellence.
In the forthcoming days, we are committed to channeling this newfound knowledge into our plans for the future. This includes a dedicated focus on innovation and the development of new initiatives that are aligned with the valuable insights gained from our visits. Our goal is to continue delivering top-quality products and services, and we look forward to sharing exciting developments with you in the near future.