1.0ml to 1.5ml Conical Bottom Screw Cap Microtubes

With these 1.0ml to 1.5ml conical bottom screw cap microtubes, you can transfer and store your samples with ease. GenFollower manufacturers these plastic tubes with screw caps under Class 100,000 cleanroom conditions. These screw cap microtubes are available in 1.0ml, 1.2ml, and 1.5ml sizes with clear graduation marks. 

Technical Features:

  • Fully autoclavable at 121 °C.
  • RNA, DNA, RNase, DNase, Pyrogen and ATP-free.
  • Specially designed for single-hand operation.
  • They can withstand a temperature range of -80°C to +95°C.
  • Conical bottom.
  • Silicon O-ring for leak-proof handling. 
  • Externally threaded microtubes with natural color.
  • Made from 100% virgin polypropylene.
1.5mL screw cap micro tube

Available Packaging:

Cat.#WG60010 Sterile – 1000 PCS/Case (50 PCS/Bag, 20 Bags/Case), size – 38cm X 31cm X 16cm, weight -1.8 Kgs.

Cat.#WG00010 Non Sterile – 5000 PCS/Case (500 PCS/Bag, 10 Bags/Case), size – 50cm X 30cm X 40cm, weight – 8.6 Kgs.

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