Dear valued customers,

Here Genfollower introduces a new product to you, Mobile Thermostatic Box. We are willing to call it MOBOX. It is a patented full temperature thermostat with excellent performance in the application of constant temperature reaction, sample transferring, anatomy and incubation, and is loved by the majority of scientific research workers.

Just as its name, one of the distinguished features of MOBOX is mobile. You can easily carry this small box for sample transferring when you go out. With lithium-ion battery, the box can work last for 4-5 hours at constant temperature 25℃ and 1-2 hours in large temperature difference between the sample and the outside. Supporting on-board power supply makes no worries if the battery runs out.

Besides, MOBOX is doing well in temperature controlling. The temperature control stability is ±0.1℃, and the temperature can be adjusted between 0-70℃. As always, we have been focusing on your experience, and this time we have prepared a humanized design for you: three common temperatures, 4℃, 16℃, 37℃, are preset, which provides an efficient experience during the experiments.

Currently, model DC-MO1 is available for supplying and optional quick temperature guide modules would also be selected. Please kindly click HERE to get more details or just contact us via Waiting for your kind inquiries.