Dear Valued customers,

Thank you for your continued attention and support.

With the continuous innovation and expansion of our product lines, we’d like to share with you that alternative AG wide bore tips and alternative HA wide bore tips are available now.

Different from other tips, these pipette tips have a larger orifice than standard tips of the same volume. This special design could help researchers transfer viscous liquids, fragile cells, DNA, and samples containing large particles or beads.

Besides, we’d like to let you know that both of them have good compatibility. Alternative AG 250μl tips with wide bore are compatible with the AG liquid handling systems. And alternative HA 300μl tips with wide bore are compatible with the HA liquid handling systems.

Currently, alternative AG 250μl with wide bore, non-filter tips and alternative HA 300μl with wide bore, non-filter tips are available for purchase. Other capacities are under development and would be coming soon. If you have any interests, please feel free to contact us via