Dear valued customers,

The GenFollower has now launched a new E series tips to support scientists in solution handling for their daily research. This is a 100% new designed tip for workstation use and better solution transfer. Here are some of its strengths.

First and foremost is compatibility with a workstation. Liquid handling workstations are well known to be common devices for transferring solutions; however, there is a catch-all problem: compatible tips are in short supply in the market. The E series’ ANSI-SLAS footprint could be an excellent choice for these workstations that use non-specific tips. And to ensure the quality, we have arranged several inspections to test the compatibility.

In addition, there are some upgrades to the tip. For example, the thinner wall of entrance makes it more elastic, which leads to a softer hand feeling in the pipetting experience. In long-term use, E series may reduce the risk of wrist damage. Besides, the smaller bore allows easier injection.

Now the E series tips are available for supplying. We use a new pack box with a smaller package method: 5 racks per rack. This improved package gives your customers additional choices, especially if their needs are not large.

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