Cost-Effective Molding Solutions for Plastic Lab Consumables

In addition to the OEM solutions, GenFollower also offers custom molding solutions. We offer custom molding services for a variety of plastic labware, including microtubes, pipette tips, plates, and racks, among others. 

Mold with 64 caitives for 200uL pipette tip

The picture : A mold with 64 caitives for the 200μL pipette tip

GenFollower offers two types of mold making plans. 

Plan 1:

In this plan, we offer molding solutions if you already have the product designs and drawings. We will help you make a mold as per your specifications. 

How It Works:

  • You can send us your drawings and technical requirements via email.
  • After studying your requirement, we will send you the quote for manufacturing the mold, a separate quotation for making the OEM products, and the time required to make the mold.
  • If you agree with the terms and conditions, we will require a 60% advance (of the total cost) to start working on your requirements.

The picture : The electrodes for building molds

Plan 2:

In this plan, we will offer custom molding services even if you don’t have the design but have a sample. As you already know how the works, we will design and make a mold that will produce similar products. The mold design won’t be an exact copy, as it may lead to potential patent issues. 

How It Works:

  • You can send us the sample by express courier. We need at least five pieces of the sample.
  • Make sure to send your requirements via email.
  • We will study whether we could finish your job. We will also let you know about how we can change the sample.
  • If you accept the design, we will provide you with a detailed quote and project timeframe. 
  • If you find everything satisfactory, we will require a 50% advance to start working on your project. 

The picture : Original Japanese machining center that reach precision ± 0.005mm

Please note, you will need to pay the bottom-up cost for the mold. You will be the exclusive buyer and owner of the plastic labware mold. Please contact our sales team for further details, and queries if any.