Dear customers, if you are seeking for China company who could build molds for plastic lab consumables (such as micro tubes, pipette tips, plates, racks, or other kind of plastic labware), and have clean room (class 100,000, dust free) to produce these lab plastics, then we would be the best partner in China!

Mold with 64 caitives for 200uL pipette tip

The picture : A mold with 64 caitives for the 200μL pipette tip

And I’d like to let you know, mainly, we do this job in 2 cases:

Case 1:

you already have ideas how your lab plastic ware looks like, and you already finished the design drawing. How to proceed:

  • You could send us your drawing and your requirements to us via email.
  • We will study your drawing, then quote for you the cost of mold, quotation for product, how long time we could finish the mold.
  • If we agreed with each other on all details, please make 60% prepayment for the mold so that we could begin.

The picture : The electrodes for building molds

Case 2:

You don’t have exact ideas how your lab plasticware should be, but you have a sample, you know how sample works for researchers. and you need us to make a similar product (not the same to avoid problem of patent) that can do the same job of your sample. How to proceed:

  • You’d better express your sample to us, usually, we need 5 pieces of sample at least.
  • Please let us know your requirements via email.
  • We study whether we could finish your job: we will let you know ideas how to change on sample.
  • If you accept our ideas, we would like to let you know cost of mould, quotation for product and how long time we could finish it.
  • If you think everything is OK, then you need to make 50% payment for the mould so that we could begin.

The picture : Original Japanese machining center that reach precision ± 0.005mm

At last, I’d like to let you know, for these kinds of molding, you only need to pay bottom cost of mold, and you will be the exclusive buyer in your market. If any doubts, please don’t hesitate to let us know, thanks for your patience on reading this.