Long 200μL Pipette Tips with Extended Length

length extended

As a leading manufacturer in China, GenFollower offers the best-quality 200μl pipette tips with extended length. The extended length helps you transfer samples efficiently in narrow test tubes, flasks, and vials. They are designed to increase sample retention and provide much higher reproducibility.

Technical Features:

  • They are repeatedly autoclavable at 121°C.
  • They are completely free of detectable DNAse, RNAse, ATP, and endotoxin.
  • The micro-point design allows maximum sample volume retention. 
  • Prevent aerosol buildup and cross-contamination.
  • Clear graduation marks for transferring accurate volumes of chemicals and samples. 
  • Non-pyrogenic.
  • The universally compatible design can work with leading brands like Gilson, Biohit, and Eppendorf, among others.

Available Packaging:

RACKED: Cat.# TR200XL-S – 96 tips/rack, 10 racks/pack, 5 packs/carton (96x10x5/carton, total 4,800 tips/carton).

BAGGED: Cat.# TB200XL – 1000 tips/bag, 10 bags/carton (1000 x 10/carton, total 10,000 tips/carton).

*OEM service is available for your specific needs and requirements.

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