5ml Pipette Tips Made from Virgin Polypropylene

GenFollower offers excellent-quality 5ml pipette tips made from 100% virgin polypropylene using a completely automated manufacturing process. We have a Class 100,000 cleanroom, which is completely dust-free. These universal pipette tips are suitable for a variety of biomolecular applications. 

Technical Features: 

  • They are autoclavable at 121°C repeatedly. 
  • Universal compatibility allows you to use them with almost all leading brands like Gilson, Biohit, and Eppendorf, among others.
  • They are non-pyrogenic. 
  • They are also free of detectable DNAse, RNAse, ATP, and endotoxin.
  • Hydrophobic surface provides minimal retention and maximum dispersion. 
  • They also have high chemical resistance.
  • Clear graduation marks for precise sample transfers.

Available Packaging:

BAGGED: Cat.# TB5000-10 – 100 tips/bag, 10 bags/carton (100×10/carton, total 1000 tips/carton).

RACKED: Cat.# TR5000-24 – 24 tips/rack, 6 racks/pack, 5 packs/carton (24x6x5/carton, total 720 tips/carton).

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