Disposable 3ml Plastic Pasteur Tube

With these cost-effective and easy-to-use GenFollower 3ml transfer pipettes, transferring liquids in small quantities without the risk of cross-contamination is super-easy. 

We use only high-quality LDPE and medical-grade manufacturing set up to make these plastic transfer pipettes.

3mL transfer pipette
plastic paper individual package

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum 3ml graduation.
  • Maximum capacity 7.5ml.
  • 160mm in length.
  • Disposable. 
  • Drop volume 48μl.
  • Available as pre-sterilized individual packaging.
  • Cost-effective. 

Be sure to find the product of your choice and note the catalog number to facilitate your order processing. 

Available Packaging: 

Cat.# PT60033 – Paper plastic individual package with 2000 PCS/Carton, (500 Pieces/Box, and 4 Boxes/Carton).

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