100uL Filter tip

These 100ul filter tip is universal fitness with lots of the pipettes, particularly like Eppendorf, Gilson, Biohit, Rainin and etc, both single channel and multi channel. manufatured with unusual polypropylene(PP), It’s low retention, micro point and graduated, allow doctor operating without difficulty.

100uL barrier tip
  • BAGGED: Cat.# FTB100-10, bagged up filter tip, 1000tips/bag, 10bags/carton(1000 x 10/carton, 10,000tips/carton totally).
  • RACKED: Cat.# FTR100-96, racked filter tip, 96tips/rack, 10racks/unit, 5units/carton(96 x 10 x 5/carton, 4800tips/carton totally).

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