We’re glad to share with you that tip combs are available now! It could use with deep well plates for nucleic acid extraction, dilution experiments and etc.

The tip comb is made of virgin polypropylene (PP), and performs well with many features:

  1. Stable chemical properties and excellent resistance to chemical corrosion.
  2. The uniform thickness of the side wall, the flat upper part of the orifice plate, and the same bore size.
  3. RNase and DNase free, no Pyrogens
  4. Manufactured in Class clean room

Currently, we would like to share with you that 8 Tips Comb and 96 Tips Comb are available for you to choose from. For more details, please kindly click the link below for your reference: https://www.genfollower.com/deep-well-plates/

If you are interested in it, please do not hesitate to contact us.