• Ecolayer: refill system tips.
  • How to use ecolayer reloading tips.

Thanks to the hard work of our researchers, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the E Series with refill system, aptly called Ecolayer! This is not just a smart choice for cutting down your research expenses but also a big step towards helping the environment.

The Ecolayer refillable packs seamlessly integrate with single empty racks, making it super easy to replenish your tips with just a few simple steps. By reducing the use of plastic in our packaging, we invite you to join us in contributing to sustainability by giving your used racks a second life through this product. Let’s collectively embrace a greener approach!

View the Product in Action

Right now, refill systems are currently available for supply in most tip capacities. Our sterilized packaging is free from Dnase, Rnase, and pyrogens, ensuring a clean and safe environment for your lab experiments.

Join us in this sustainable journey towards a cleaner and greener laboratory experience! You could check out more product details here.