Dear valued customers,

With the innovation that GenFollower has always purchased, we’re glad to announce the new Liquid handling workstations are available to be supplying now!

Just as the slogan says, our workstations have four distinctive features: Simpler, Quicker, Preciser and Safer.

These high-throughput pipettors provide a simpler and quicker solution for plate pipetting. They could effectively reduce pipetting steps. In other words, it takes less than 6 seconds to complete a time of 96 well plates pipetting manually, and only 4 steps for 384 well plates with 2 times in a minute.

In addition, they could pipette in the 96 well plates at the same time and never skip or repeat pipetting, which greatly improves the quality of experimental data and eliminates the differences between well to well. Due to this, the results are preciser and more trustworthy!

What’s more, the easy-to-use pipettors with no programming and no plug-in also give the researchers a safer circumstance than other automated pipetting equipment.

Now, two models are available with the following volume ranges: M20 for 0.5~20 μL and M200 for 5~200 μL. For more detailed information, please visit the website as below:

Waiting for your kind inquiries!