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GenFollower noticed a common issue with traditional plug cap culture tubes: a high risk of spillage during use. As a leading manufacturer in China, we developed the country’s first screw cap culture tube designed to eliminate spillage and secured a patent for our innovation.

  • Materials: PS, PP.
  • Ideal for bacterial culture.
  • Safe for centrifugation, ensuring sample integrity.
  • Clear, easy-to-read graduations.
  • Expanded white writing area on the tube for ample labeling space.

What makes these culture tubes stand out?

Eliminate Spillage Risk

Our unique screw cap culture tubes prevent liquid spillage and provide a stable, secure opening that protects your samples. Unlike plug cap tubes, our screw caps won’t pop off during high-speed centrifugation, ensuring safe and reliable use.

Easy Labeling and Writing

Our bacterial culture tubes have a large white area on the body for easy labeling. The flat cap allows for writing and attaching labels, making them more convenient for lab use.

Easy writing of screw cap culture tubes.

One Tube, Two Purposes

GenFollower’s bacterial culture tubes have two main uses.
a. Aerobic culture: Rotate the cap a quarter turn until you hear the first click. The tube is now ready for aerobic culture.
b. Anaerobic culture: Rotate the cap a half turn until you hear the second click. The tube is now ready for anaerobic culture.

Operation Diagram

Free Samples Available

FREE samples of screw cap culture tubes are available! Simply cover the shipping costs upon receipt or beforehand. Share your needs with us, and we’ll guarantee your satisfaction before you decide to buy.


ISO 9001 certificate.

ISO 9001

ISO 13485 certificate.

ISO 13485

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, the minimum order quantity for our bacterial culture tubes is 1 case. If you have specific requirements, just let us know your specifications, and GenFollower will customize them for you.

The delivery time for culture tubes varies based on the order size. Smaller orders are typically prepared within 7 working days. Larger orders may require more time. Contact us for precise delivery details, and we will expedite your order as much as possible.

Polypropylene: High thermal stability, suitable for high-temperature sterilization. Durable and chemically stable, resistant to chemicals, acids, and bases. Ideal for storing corrosive and aggressive samples.

Polystyrene: Good insulator with excellent optical clarity. Suitable for applications where visibility is important, such as visualizing sample growth.

In summary, use polypropylene for high-temperature sterilization and chemical resistance, and polystyrene for optical clarity.

Yes, these bacterial culture tubes are produced in an ISO-certified clean room and are sterilized. They are completely free of DNA, DNase, and RNase.

Clients Testimonials

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with GenFollower’s team, and I must say, their professionalism is unmatched. They exhibit a deep understanding of their products and are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. It’s clear that they take pride in what they do.

Hiroshi, Japan

The GenFollower culture tube, designed for both aerobic and anaerobic use, boosts our lab’s efficiency and safety with its multifunctionality and spill-proof design, making it essential to our work.

Emma, Canada

GenFollower’s innovation in developing screw cap culture tubes has significantly enhanced the cleanliness and safety of our laboratory. Their attention to detail is why we trust GenFollower.

João, Brazil
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We’re more than happy to help with any questions you might have. Feel free to drop us a message. Thanks for your time!

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